Perfect little wedding package


For weddings of  30 guests or less


Small & large wine glasses, Table water glasses, Champagne flutes
Tube/soft drink glasses
Glass bottles for water & Wine carrafes
Beer and juice jugs
Bread baskets
Starter; main, dessert, cheese & cake plates (Raynaud – Porcelaine de Limoges)
Soup/dessert bowls
Starter, main and dessert knives & forks
Soup spoon, dessert spoon, cheese knife & cake fork
Rectangular & round table cloths and Serviettes
Coffee/tea cups + saucers, Coffee percolator, tea thermos, milk jugs, sugar bowls & tea spoons.
Champagne vasque, Wine coolers, Bread board & knife, Cheese board & knife & Ashtrays

Additional items available on quotation
Coloured serviettes
Table runners (long for along the table and short for across the table)
Additional glasses (G&T + Champagne coupes)

Also check out – (parts of the site are currently under maintenance) for the likes of a selection of charger plates, gold cutlery and so on.

Items are delivered and collected by Events ETC, the items must be boxed up in the appropriate container post event (un-washed), ready for collection in the following days. Please note, breakages or missing items will be invoiced to the purchase value of each item.



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For a package to suit 30 guests - Excluding 20% VAT/TVA to be added at the time of invoice